Forklift -LF -  TLILIC0005

Licence to operate a Forklift Truck


  • Applicant MUST be at least 18 years of age at time of assessment.

  • Hold a current Construction Induction (white card) or be eligible to gain one. 

  • Applicant MUST have 3 forms of ID.

  • Click Here EOI for types and categories of evidence accepted.

  • Applicant MUST bring 3 forms of Identification at time of assessment.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  According to the Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) regulations, any person currently enrolled in a course for High Risk Work Licence (HRWL) training can perform that class of work at the workplace, as a trainee while maintaining a training log book under the supervision of a person who holds a current HRW licence for the class work of work


Course Duration: 3 Days

Maximum Students: 4 to 6 (Dependent on Experience)

This 3 day course is designed for any person wishing to obtain the nationally recognised License to Perform High Risk Work Class Code LF and is suitable for participants with little or no previous forklift operating experience 

(students must be 18 years of age to apply for HRWL)


The course consists of 2 Days; where classroom based audio visual training and practical driving training will be delivered and Day 3 will include both revision of training followed by a written theory/calculations assessment (in English). The last part of day 3 will consist of practical assessment including; maneuvering a loaded forklift through an obstacle course (forwards and in reverse), lifting and moving loads and performing stacking and de-stacking operations at height.


After successfully completing this course applicants will be able to:

  • Conduct pre start and operational checks.

  • Be able to assess work required to be completed; and plan safely to complete work required.

  • Understand the legislation covering the use of a Forklift.

  • Know and be able to use the correct personal protective equipment required when operating a Forklift.

Operate the forklift within its capacities and:

  • Recognise potential hazards.

  • Pick up and place loads.

  • Travel loads correctly.

  • Be aware of centre of gravity of loads and stability.

  • General operational and driving skills.

  • Stacking loads at Heights.

  • Safety shut down and parking.

Participants need a strong command of the English language to successfully complete the written/calculations and practical components for this course.

Note: It is a Workplace Health & Safety Qld- requirement that the written, calculation and practical components of the assessment are conducted as a closed book assessment.

Upon completion of all training and the successful completion of the  mandated assessment - NAI for HRWL class LF, participants are issued with a temporary Notice of Assessment Summary Form (AS1 Form valid for 60 days), within which time the AS1 form must be submitted by the applicant for the Licence to Perform High Risk Work Class Code LF to be approved and processed by Workplace Health and Safety QLD